A Scholarship (& fundraiser) for a Highlights Foundation Workshop

I have been offered a Highlights Foundation scholarship to the Sharing Our Hope: Writing for Religious and Inspirational Markets 2014 workshop on March 27 – March 30. I am very excited about this possibility, but the rest of the story is that the scholarship only pays half of the cost of the workshop, and it is 700 miles away. I’m going to have to really beat the bushes to raise these funds in the next week to hold my spot in the workshop. Please pray that God will provide the needed funds so I may go and improve my writing skills for reaching children and teens for Christ. If you are willing and able to help me to attend this workshop, there is a PayPal link at the bottom of this post where you may contribute and a progress report that I will continually update to reflect the progress on raising the needed funds.

Why this particular workshop is important to me:

I have sought to share my faith with children and teens for many years through Christ centered activities and with my Bible storybooks. I have two self-published books, The Creation and The First Christmas, and have started another book about Jonah. I believe these books are important for children because they are designed to increase faith in God’s Word at a time when the world wants to discredit it. I intentionally choose to write about the Bible stories that are most under attack for this reason.

At this Highlights Foundation Workshop I will be working with multi-published authors and editors who can give me strong guidance on what I need to do to improve my skills, and to break into recognized markets where I may be able to reach a larger audience than I’ve been able to reach through self-publishing.

You may explore the links under the header on this web page to see some of the avenues I have been using to share my faith with children, teens, and adults. This workshop is precisely on target with my writing goals. It is also set up with a high ratio of teacher to learners so that we learners will have opportunities to develop our skills and get feedback on them.

Download my ebooks for free from Feb 26-March 7, 2014

The Creation - regular price $2.99

The First Christmas - regular price $2.99


Janice Ducker Green writes for children. Her books communicate truth on an age and reading level for her audience. Combined with her creativity is her joy of seeing children learn and absorb truth. Janice doesn’t write to simply write for profit, but she writes so that the lives and minds of children are blessed. Janice’s writing will outlast her and that is a life purpose that I can commend. When you invest in her conference training and books, you are investing in the lives of every child who will ever read her books.

by Robin L. Lewis

SEE Nancy Graham’s Comment below for a glowing reference. :)

February 24, 2014

About the workshop (info taken from the Highlights Foundation web page):

The faculty

Paula MorrowPaula Morrow has been involved with children’s literature all her life, first as a child reader, then as a children’s librarian, and then as a long-time editor of children’s books and magazines at Cricket Magazine Group and Cricket Books.

Read More…

Kristi HollKristi Holl is a children’s choice award-winning author of 42 books for children, 2 nonfiction books for writers (Writer’s First Aid and More Writer’s First Aid), and more than 150 stories and articles for children and adults.

Read More…

Workshop Description

Never has there been a greater need for inspirational stories, articles, and books for children and teens. Religious publishers and general-interest publishers alike are seeking hopeful books with solid values. Some material can “cross over” into both markets. If you want to write books offering hope to young people, join Paula Morrow (Christian editor, writing teacher, and book reviewer) and Kristi Holl (author of forty-two books for general interest and Christian publishers) for a weekend that’s both practical and inspiring.

Click here for more information about this Workshop.

You may use this button to help me reach my goal to attend this workshop:

Progress Report:

Cost of Highlights Foundation Workshop:  $1065
Travel expenses (airlines)                              250
Gasoline (to airport)                                         50
.    anticipated expenses                             $1365

Scholarship                                                     550
KL donation                                                     100
DA donation                                                       50
JR donation                                                        20
TH donation                                                       25
JN donation                                                        20
VS donation                                                       25
NG donation                                                    100
CB donation                                                      60
MM donation                                                     40
BK donation                                                      40
BM donation                                                    100
GO donation                                                        4

.    Shortfall                                                    $231


A Scholarship (& fundraiser) for a Highlights Foundation Workshop — 2 Comments

  1. Janice writes children books. They are written so young children can understand the message she is teaching. Her talents are many and her creativity is shown in so many ways. She writes her books with a love and passion for children and the message she is giving them. Her skill is proven to me with the rapt attention my grandchildren have listened and by the questions that her books have caused them to ask.
    Personally and professionly I fully support Janice Green and making my personal donation so you may attend this conference which I see as an investment in all children’s lives.

    • Thank you, Nancy! Bless you for your encouragement and for your generous contribution. I hope you don’t mind my copying this post to my FB status.

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