Bio / Who is?

Who is Janice D. Green? You tell me and we will both know…

    • a 69 year-old grandmother with a little girl’s heart locked up inside
    • a child of the King of Glory
    • wife of the retired bee-man-turned-editor-and-other-neat-stuff
    • retired elementary school library media specialist who misses reading to children
    • Bible believer passionate about promoting faith and Bible literacy to children, teens, young families, and anyone else who might stop and read it for themselves
    • author of Bible storybooks: The Creation and The First Christmas
    • dabbler in art and self-taught quilter
    • lover of nature and the out-of-doors, yet who struggles to tear herself away from her computer to get out and enjoy it
    • Facebook addict
    • kind hearted, encourager (says hubby)
    • blogger and writer who is still trying to find her voice

To learn more about my writing adventures, click on the links across the top of this page. Each leads to a different area of writing and/or interest of mine.


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