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I’ve been blogging and creating web pages for some time. My first web page was a bee website called “…of bees, beekeepers, and food.” It is still used by teachers to teach about bees, though now there are many more honeybee websites out there than when mine first went up.

Then I decided to make another web page just for fun called Janice’s Place. It is still up. I wrote about anything and everything that interested me.

I discovered the website Lulu.com and began writing books for my family. I used the name Beeline Press as my publishing name. Then my husband and I helped two other authors publish books through Lulu.com as well, so we created a web page, Beeline Press (.biz), for those books.

As blogging became more popular, I learned that blogs should have themes, so I started making new blogs on favorite themes. They were all set up using WordPress.com. Here are a few of them:

A Memory Ago
Tales from the Kid in Me
His Whisperings (recently revived)
Mrs. Green’s Library
Ducker’s Adventures (only as category on Honeycomb adventures now)

About three years ago I combined these blogs into one main blog at Honeycomb Adventures, and the themes became the subject headings of the new blog. This was to support my new publishing venture and to promote my Bible storybooks.

Over the past few months I have become restless and felt I had neglected my writings that were Bible oriented as I struggled to write what I thought my potential buyers would want to read. For that reason I have revived my His Whisperings blog and also created a new blog, Bible Bites 4 Teens.

Over the years I have enjoyed collaborating with family and friends to write “slice of life” stories to pass down to future generations. Two books we compiled are: This Is Your Life Paul E. Ducker, and Twins: Paul & Pauline, their first 50 years. Another book I wrote with my mom, daughter, and granddaughter was Playtime: Four Generations of Girlswhich can be viewed online without charge. This was a hurried project we created to get the idea out there for other families to try.

Other efforts I have made to encourage others to share “slice of life” stories is through Pee Dee Folks, a blog I started but haven’t posted to very often. Pee Dee Folks is about the people of the Pee Dee – a region of northeast South Carolina. I haven’t found time to write all that much for it, but a FB group I set up by the same name is beginning to take on a life of its own. I also started another thriving Facebook group about the community I grew up in in northern Indiana: Lapel IN – Down memory lane.

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