Jesus is right here with me

27752349_10156091914592856_4961833736323205029_nI’ve been stressing out for some time as my sweet hubby and I have had to deal with some serious areas of neglect, one of which is the project of replacing our kitchen floor. Disorder is always frustrating to me, as I so much want to see the beauty in my surroundings, yet so often it seems out of reach.

This morning as I was having breakfast with hot tea at the table, which was pulled out of its normal position, I was blessed to see a perfectly shaped cross in my spoon as it sat on my saucer. I smiled, knowing without a doubt that Jesus sent that reminder to let me know he was there right beside me as we work our way through the chaos and confusion to brighter days ahead with a real sense of accomplishment, beauty, and joy.

I discovered the physical source of the image in my spoon. The ceiling fan happened to be in the right position to make that image. Some might say that was coincidence. If it were, then I know my God is the one in charge of arranging coincidences, as the timing couldn’t have been more perfect and reassuring in every way. I had begun taking serious literal steps to pray over our situation, as I made a pathway around our property for the purpose of walking around it and praying for more of His presence, order, peace, and beauty on our home and property. This morning God reminded me in this simple way (and many more ways) that he is right there beside me to empower and encourage me – and my hubby – as we move forward.

Thank you Jesus for joining me at breakfast this morning. Please stay by my side all day pouring your joy into my spirit.

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